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The Official Web Site of Esmail Khoi

سایت رسمی اسماعیل خویی شاعر ایرانی

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Mission Statement


This Foundation is a non-profit organization and is organized exclusively for charitable, public service, community service, literary and educational purposes including but not limited to:

(a) To share with the community the appreciation of Iranian culture through lecture series. Seminars, poetry readings, television and radio interviews, film showings, performing arts, musical recitals, art and book exhibitions, and periodic newsletters.

(b) To defend and promote the human rights, civil rights and liberties of poets, writers, artists, intellectuals, journalists and people of all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.

(c) To provide economic or other assistance based on need for poets, writers, artists and journalists.

(d) To provide and support Persian studies in general with the participation and support of people of all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.

(e) To combat stereotyping and discrimination against and affecting the Iranian-American community in the United States.

(f) To establish contact with similar organizations, social institutions, and news media for the purpose of increasing understanding between the Persian community and the society at large.

(g) To educate the American public in order to promote a greater understanding of Iranian history and culture, and,

(h) To organize and mobilize the Iranian-American community in furtherance of the organization's objectives.